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7th November 2013


Consolidation and revision

Consolidation activities give your students the chance to show off the fruits of their – sorry, your – labour, and can be very satisfying. In our revision central area you'll find heaps of creative, innovative and accessible revision resources, perfect for revisiting a topic or refreshing your students' memories. It's a lovely area of the site crammed with resources that are suitable for any time of year.

See our top picks below.

Lindy Leslie
Teachit Editor

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Revision calendar    

Revision calendar

Use this PowerPoint to guide your students through a month's worth of revision activities. In 'advent calendar' style, choose a number and jump to the allocated revision activity for that day.

N.B. All of our PDF files are free, but we've made the interactives and Word document parts of this resource free too (for a month) so that you can adapt and differentiate them for your classes, as you see fit! 

» Download our Revision calendar resource

Topical treasure of the week


20 teaching ideas for revision

The latest resource in our '20 teaching ideas for...' collection focuses on revision – how convenient! Take a look for some quick and engaging ideas which you can apply to most topics.

» Download our 20 teaching ideas for revision resource
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Consolidation and revision resources

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  Find our featured resources  

Sorting hat revision

Time to get a bit Blue Peter with this revision activity. Students make and wear their own hats which are colour coded to represent textual features. Finish with a feature dash!

» Download our Sorting hat revision resource

Revision rooms

More of the sticky-back-plastic mentality needed here. This resource is great for visual learners. Students use craft material to create their own 3D room and fill it with symbols, objects and quotations to represent all they need to know about that topic.

» Download our Revision rooms resource

Online tricks and treats


Ignore the slightly strange name and focus on the fact this site will allow your students to create online multimedia posters including text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings and more!

» Go to Edu.glogster


If anyone has any tips or suggestions for helping to raise the results of a Year 9 SEN group then please head over to our staffroom and share them!

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What's on



Speeches That Shook The World

Simon Armitage explores what makes a great speech with examples from Churchill to Pauline Pearce, the 'Hackney Heroine'.

Mon 11th November | 11.25pm – 12.25am | BBC4


The Reith Lectures 2013

Grayson Perry discusses how men and women throughout history have made art, despite the adversities they face.

Saturday 9th November | 10.30pm – 11.00pm | BBC Radio 4


Antony and Cleopatra

A new version of the play, set in 18th century, sun-soaked Saint-Domingue.

7th November – 30th November | Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon

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