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The pre-study leave slog is an exhausting (and nerve-wracking) time for both teachers and students.

With that in mind, I've chosen some quizzes and games to lift the mood and help students focus on what they need to know.

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Revision-friendly games and quizzes

  Speed dating revision

Top of the list is this versatile template - ideal for whole classes or large groups. Use it to cement key terms, characters in a novel, poems etc.

Find and download this resource.

'Of Mice and Men': An interactive revision quiz

Good for refreshing students' memories of key quotations and characters, this colourful PowerPoint will help your students while away a Friday afternoon (and possibly be productive!).

Find and download this resource.

Teachit's Whizzy things

If you're a Teachit.works subscriber, you'll be able to make and save your own revision-friendly interactives in minutes. Particularly useful for revision are: Hangman, Snap and Matching as you can input your own word lists and definitions for students to work with. To find out more about subscription, take a look at our membership page.

Revision Central

If you haven't seen our revision hub, then do take a look. My favourite page is web revision - packed full of online tools and activities for students to use in class and at home.

Teaching packs

September is a long way away (and hopefully you'll get the chance to sip Sangria or snorkel in balmy waters before then). But if you can bear to plan ahead, do take a look at our new teaching packs.

So far we've published packs on: An Inspector Calls (KS4), Non-fiction and media (KS3/4), Creative writing (KS4), Argue and persuade (KS3/4), A Midsummer Night's Dream (KS3) and Of Mice and Men (for AQA GCSE). Phew! And there are more in the pipeline ...

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NATE Conference 2014

NATE's 51st annual conference runs from Friday 27th - Sunday 29th June 2014 and is being held in Bristol (exciting news for those of us who live there!).

This year's conference is entitled 'The English Curriculum - Challenge and Change' and boasts an outstanding line up of keynote speakers including Professor Andrew Motion and Dr Michael Rosen.

» Find out more and book your place at the NATE Conference