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With the clamour about curriculum change getting louder by the minute, you might find our Curriculum latest page useful.

From reading the various documents, one thing's clear to see - SPaG is going nowhere. With that in mind I've highlighted some essential SPaG resources below.

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All things SPaG


If you haven't seen our SPaG collection of resources, then do take a look. From holistic 'all-in-one' resources, to targeted spelling, grammar and punctuation ideas and approaches, it's all geared towards helping your students with the basics.

Our 20 teaching ideas resources have proved very popular. If you haven't seen these, do take a look at our 20 teaching ideas for SPaG and our 20 teaching ideas for Spelling.

Our SPaG mat resource has been given 10 hearts by Teachit's members (a sure sign that it's being used and loved) as has the intriguingly named SPaG: Fortune teller game which involves plenty of paper folding/origami to keep your more hands-on students happy.

If you're a Teachit.works subscriber, you might also like Syntex, our interactive syntax activity. Simply make and save your own activities in minutes, or adapt ours.


David Crystal's grammar posters


We were delighted when David Crystal, the acclaimed English linguist, agreed to create a set of 10 posters for us.

Exploring how grammar works in context, each one is instantly accessible and characterised by his straightforward and appealing style. They're perfect for KS3-5 students and can be used for reference, reinforcement and as a springboard for further exploration.

» Find out more and place an order


Teachit's SPaG seminar ...


As part of this year's annual NATE conference in Bristol (from Friday 27th - Sunday 29th June), Teachit will be running a seminar on SPaG.

This will be a hands-on session exploring active and creative approaches to SPaG using resources, apps and games. Come and take part - we'd love to see you!

» Find out more about the 2014 NATE Conference and book your place