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If it really is going to rain for three months, then rekindle a love for some children’s classics indoors. Paddington is on the big screen, and we’ve got a resource for A Wind in the Willows that will make your tummy rumble.

If you’re under instructions to not down tools then our latest Harry Potter resource includes SPaG, narrative writing and festive fare (chipolata anyone?).

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Creative writing teaching ideas


Describing a scene is based on an extract from A Wind in the Willows where Toad, tired and hungry, stops next to a gypsy caravan. The resource’s annotations show how vocabulary choices and sentence structures help to create the scene's relaxed mood. Use this as a model for students to create a similarly sensual description of a place. If your students work best with visual stimuli, combine this with our popular resource Creative writing with pictures (also included in our Creative writing teaching pack).

The best Christmas day ever also takes an extract as a model, but examines word choices and structural features of the whole text and then supports students in writing a narrative piece about Christmas day.



Creative writing teaching pack

Our downloadable Creative writing teaching pack is full of ideas and activities, all neatly grouped to target key writing skills such as generating ideas for stories, improving vocabulary and descriptions, and beginnings.

This pack is available to download instantly and is free to subscribers or £10.00 for free members.

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Christmas teaching resources

Teachit's specially commissioned resources for the new curriculum include new resources for teaching A Christmas Carol for GCSE.

Our Christmas themed resources are now featured in Teachit's topical resources collection. You'll find resources for teaching one-off activities on festive poetry, prose or writing tasks.


  David Crystal's grammar posters


  We were delighted when David Crystal, the acclaimed English linguist, agreed to create a set of 10 posters for us.


Exploring how grammar works in context, each one is instantly accessible and characterised by his straightforward and appealing style.

They're perfect for KS3-5 students and can be used for reference, reinforcement and as a springboard for further exploration.

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