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Who would have thought it? We're all getting a little bit excited about texts from the 19th century! From George Eliot to Robert Louis Stevenson, we're sourcing interesting writing and writers to help you broach this daunting area of the curriculum. If there are any you'd particularly like us to feature then please let us know.

If you haven't yet seen our 'Journeys' teaching pack for year 9 or some of our latest resources for the 19th century, read on for more details.

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"If he be Mr Hyde ... I shall be Mr Seek"

  You can now save, organise and share your favourite resources and interactive resources in a new look My Teachit. Free members can now save up to 10 too! If you're all set to be organised with 19th century texts, click the icon next to the resource to save it to your My Teachit folder.

We have new resources for A Christmas Carol, Silas Marner and extracts from Stevenson's Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes, among others. Here are a few of the best to get your students started with 19th century literature:

Pre-reading activities: published last month, this is an ideal starting point for teaching A Christmas Carol, and four members have said they love it already. It features how we might look at the text with fresh modern eyes, and some initial language analysis.

Silas Marner learning grid: this lovely visual representation of the novel requires a full understanding of the text, but will get students thinking outside of the box and developing links between ideas and themes.

From our Critical reading scheme, Character impressions - reflect and evaluate encourages students to consider the narrative perspective and voice that Stevenson conveys to his readers.

Psst ... we're publishing a Teaching pack for The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde soon. Watch this space!

'Journeys' teaching pack

There's been a bit of a buzz on social media (and presumably in your department!) about preparing year 9 for the impending changes to the GCSE from September.

If you're keen to implement change with some practical ways to access unseen and/or challenging texts, and improve close or critical reading skills, then our latest pack, 'Journeys' contains all of this and more!

It's free for Teachit subscribers, and £10 for free members.

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