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A plenary is a slippery thing. Not enough time reflecting on the learning and you’ll never know what has been retained or forgotten. Too much time, and the learning itself has been neglected!

What's clear is that it certainly pays to make the time to include time for reflection in as many lessons as possible - although perhaps not appropriate at the end of a wet Friday! I’ve selected a few resources that are all about Directed Improvement and Reflection Time, or DIRT, and meaningful ways to give your students ownership of their learning.

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DIRT teaching ideas

David Didau's resource Guilt-free planning suggests ways to incorporate DIRT as part of your planning. It includes a sticker sheet of question stems to use when marking or as part of peer or self-assessment, encouraging students to think about what they need to do next.

One of our most loved resources is the Reflection mat which includes a selection of generic sentence stems that could be given out at random, or chosen by students to reflect on their progress. Add challenge by restricting the character count to 140, and ask students to tweet their responses after the lesson (we'd love you to tweet @Teachit these too!).

A new addition to our template library is a versatile set of Hexagon grids which could be used as an alternative to a diamond nine to rank students' learning points from a lesson.


Literacy across the curriculum posters

Our Literacy across the curriculum posters are perfect for helping students iron out their persistent literacy problems.

Posters include reading, writing and spelling tips, common misspellings, apostrophes, paragraphing, punctuation, homophones and connectives.

For 10 posters, they are a bargain at just £14.99 for Teachit subscribers or key contributors and £19.99 for everyone else!

Interactive resources

If you're a Teachit.works subscriber or key contributor, you can use some of your students' reflections on their learning using our easiest interactive resources in your next lesson's plan.

Both Matching and Sequencing are easy to use for quick starters. Match up some of your students' ideas from the Reflection mat using Matching, or sequence ideas together as a class from the Hexagon grids.

Don't forget to save your starters in My Teachit, and you'll be able to return to them later for revision.