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The mock exam season is well under way (and hopefully not too much a part of your Easter hols!).


But if your marking piles are taller than your stacks of eggs, and you’re after ways to get planning sorted quickly, I’ve selected a few resources that might help ease the pressure.

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Teaching ideas for mock exam feedback

Pimp my writing! is ideal for breathing new life into dull writing, and with an in-built snooze-ometer, you might stir your students from their chocolate-induced reveries too!

If structure is proving problematic in your students’ essays, then this thorough exploration of Effective introductions has examples of ways to engage a reader from the start. It’s perfect for sorting out essay writing, especially for GCSE English Language.

Why use quotations? is a simple card sort activity to help your students who need to brush up their use of evidence in their writing.

For all the technical bits and pieces, AFL grammar and punctuation checklist is great for your students to self-assess their skills, so you don’t have to!

Take KS4 Cover

Our cover lessons pack Take KS4 Cover includes a range of meaningful, instantly accessible lesson plans and resources. Great for days when your subject specialists are out on ski trips or elsewhere, or even for teaching your booster classes.

Topics include reading, writing, speaking and listening, spoken language, drama, prose and poetry – with differentiation built in.

It's now half price at £37.50 for Teachit subscribers and key contributors, and £49.50 for free members.


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NATE Conference 2015

The NATE Conference 'Brave New World? Facing the Challenges of Teaching English in 2015' is 26-27th June in Newcastle.

Featuring top speakers Tony Harrison, Anne Fine and Geoff Barton, and performance poetry from Elvis McGonagall, the professional development on offer is all about getting you enthused for the big changes afoot!

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