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Teachit Talk

26th September 2013


On being organised and taking risks ...

In this edition of Teachit Talk, we're putting the spotlight on our open-ended resource templates in the hope that these will help you to organise / plan some more lessons in a relatively painless way.

Our template ideas are fully recyclable and can reappear across schemes, topics and key stages throughout the year. Leaving you free to take some risks in your teaching (or personal life, for that matter ... skinny dip

Lucy Hewitt
Teachit Editor

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Whose bag is it? resource    

Whose bag is it?
Free interactive and Word document

Brilliantly versatile and equally appealing for both KS3 and 4 classes, students think of items that key characters might put in their bags (that best represent aspects of their personality). They then write or draw these on to the template.

N.B. All of our PDF files are free, but we've made the interactive and Word document parts of this resource free too (for a month) so that you can adapt them and differentiate them for your classes, as you see fit!

» Download our Whose bag is it? resouce
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Topical treasure of the week


Top trumps

With National Poetry Day just around the corner (October 3rd), why not use this template to study some water themed poems of your choice? You'll need to use it with a number of poems to make the 'trumping' aspects worthwhile.

» Download our Top Trumps resource
» Find out more about National Poetry Day
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Two more tip-top templates

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  Find our featured resources  

Role on the wall

Two silhouettes, (male and female) that can be assigned to any character. For a big, free-thinking lesson, you might want to enlarge these to A3 and stick them to a wall. Students can then add quotations, thought bubbles or character-associated words or phrases. (Warning: budding artists are likely to resort to making the silhouettes anatomically correct once they've completed all the brain work!)

» Download our Role on the wall resource
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Cube template

Hand out the template and get students going on a variety of tasks which make use of the six sides of the cube. These might include: who, what, when, where, how and why questions and answers, key quotations, research or context based tasks with a different topic or idea on each side of the cube.

» Download our Cube template resource
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Online tricks and treats

National Poetry Day

Head over to the Forward Arts Foundation website where you'll find everything you need to celebrate National Poetry Day, including lesson plans, posters, films and resources.

» Visit the Forward Arts Foundation website

Take KS4 Cover and Take Cover (KS3)
Two photocopiable packs of English cover lessons

Take KS4 Cover   Ah-choo! It's that time of year again ... flu season strikes! If your department office is starting to look a little, well ... unstaffed, then our Cover Packs might be just the thing.

Our aim is to take the stress out of setting cover work by providing you with everything you need for meaningful, accessible lessons across the ability range. And each pack comes with an online version, so you and your team can access it from home (or the nearest sickbed).

» Find out more about Take KS4 cover
» Find out more about Take Cover (KS3)
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No Pens Day Wednesday


No Pens Day Wednesday is back on Wednesday 9th October 2013!

No Pens Day Wednesday encourages schools to put down their pens and to run a day of speaking and listening activities. We've now got over 1,500 schools signed up to No Pens Day Wednesday- join them by registering below. 

Register your interest for No Pens Day Wednesday 2013 here and access lots of free resources!

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What's on



Educating Yorkshire

This week's episode focuses on two unlikely best friends. Drama will no doubt ensue.

Thursday 26th Sept | 9.00pm - 10.00pm | Channel 4


Desert Island Discs

Kirsty Young talks to Zadie Smith.

Fri 27th Sept | 9.00am - 9.45am | BBC Radio 4


Great Expectations

A new adaptation of this classic tale.

27th September - 2nd November | Bristol Old Vic

» Visit the site for full theatre listings

Poetry By Heart

  Poetry By Heart
Poetry By Heart  

On 3rd October 2013, the search begins for the next Poetry By Heart national champion.

Poetry By Heart is the Poetry Archive's pioneering national recitation competition for students aged 14-18. They are challenged to memorise and recite two poems – one published before 1914, one after. In 2014, at county level and beyond, students will recite a third poem from a special collection of WW1 poems.
The competition starts in school/college then winners progress to county contests, regional semi-finals and the grand final in London. Students have serious fun whilst extending their reading, deepening their powers of appreciation, and memorising intriguing poems which will enrich their lives forever. In the process, they bring poetry alive for their friends, families, schools and communities.

Poetry By Heart is FREE.
Launch 3rd October 2013
School/college contests by 20th December 2013
County contests 13th January to 13th February 2014
Expenses-paid finals weekend London, March 2014

To take part in the 2013-14 competition, register your school/college now via the website

Teaching that inspires
We're right behind it

Take a look into the classrooms of four inspiring teachers who tell us in their own words what they believe in. Hear about their approaches and see how we help them teach in a way that truly inspires and opens enquiring minds.

We realise that there is more to education than just exams and that for teachers to explore different ways of teaching they need resources, support and freedom. When you watch our series of stories, you'll discover how these teachers truly inspire their students and unlock their full potential.

See how we support teaching that inspires and watch the action.
  Watch four inspirational teachers  

The T.S. Eliot Prize for Poetry Shadowing Scheme 2013


Win the chance to be published in emagazine and 2 tickets to the T.S. Eliot Prize Readings and the Award Ceremony.

emagazine and the Poetry Book Society are once again inviting A Level students to shadow the TS Eliot Prize for Poetry, by discussing poems from each of the shortlisted collections, then writing 500 words in support of their chosen poet.

The competition opens on 5th November, when two poems from each of the shortlisted collections will be available to download from

Full details and teaching notes available on the emagazine website from 4th October.
  Watch four inspirational teachers