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Old and new GCSEs and A levels will sit side by side next year, so it's time to get organised! First thing on the to-do list: write a to-do list ...

We have some lovely new pages full of resources to help you get your head around the new GCSE specifications. Take some time to have a look now and the summer holidays will be all yours!

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Teaching ideas for GCSE English

On the English Language page, you'll find resources for the four assessed areas and spoken language, as well as some revision resources. I've selected a couple of fantastic new additions below.

Suitable for all exam boards, Close reading: the scene of the crime helps students to develop confidence in progressing from first impressions to a full evaluation of a fiction text.

Saying more than 'he said' / 'she said' encourages students to be adventurous with their verbs and adverbs and to develop good practice for AO5.

On the English Literature page, you'll find resources for all aspects of the new GCSE. Here are two wonderful newcomers:

Recipe for a Shakespearean comedy is a great resource for getting started with Much Ado About Nothing, building on students' prior knowledge of Shakespeare's comedies.

With explicit assessment objectives throughout – and featuring in the new AQA and Edexcel poetry anthologies – Exploring 'Neutral Tones' is clearly differentiated and includes teaching notes too.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde teaching pack

Many of you may well be teaching The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde next year - after all, every exam board has it on their list!

If so, you'll be pleased to know that our practical, accessible, downloadable pack will help you bring Stevenson's novel to life for your classes. It's packed with teacher-created resources, differentiation and sample exam questions adapted for each of the different exam boards.

It's free to subscribers and £12.50 for free members and non-members.

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My Teachit - new and improved

With a new, easy-to-use layout and unlimited student logins you can now save, organise and share resources with students and colleagues, depending on your subscription level. Free members can also trial it, saving up to 10 of their favourite resources.

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