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We know some of you got ahead of the game before the sunshine and well-earned rest, but this September many of you will be starting out with shiny new GCSE specifications.

If that’s you, read on for some great resources to help you get stuck in!

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Teaching ideas for GCSE English


All of our resources that target skills for the new GCSEs are on our new pages: GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature.

Written especially for the new writing assessment objectives, Impressive imagery helps develop metaphors, similes and personification beyond the KS3 basics.

Exploring ‘Dracula’ as an unseen fiction text is a great student-friendly introduction to unpicking an unfamiliar text from the nineteenth century.

If you’re starting your year 10s with something familiar, you may well be going for Blood Brothers, one of the more popular play texts. Mickey and Edward explores the boys’ relationship, with sample questions for the new exams.

Reactions to Victorian London is full of striking images to help students visualise the context of your chosen nineteenth century novel. Choose those most appropriate to your class text and combine with extracts to support close engagement with the social and historical context.


Writing resources for
Teachit English


Our resource writers include many of you, and give our resources their life and soul!

This year, we’re prioritising areas of the new curriculum, so if you send us your best new resources for KS3, KS4 and KS5, then they’ll go to the top of our pile.

We’d particularly like you to send us KS3 resources for: essay writing, author study, using Standard English, planning writing tasks, comparing texts, SPaG and assessment; for KS4 we’re looking for resources for the new GCSEs and for KS5, resources for the new AS and A levels.

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Literacy posters


If your classroom is in need of a quick makeover, how about treating yourself to a set of our top-selling posters for Literacy across the curriculum?

The posters target key SPaG skills including reading, writing and spelling tips, misspellings, apostrophes, paragraphing, punctuation, homophones and connectives and they’ll brighten up your walls too!

Just £14.99 for Teachit subscribers and key contributors and £19.99 for free members and non-members (plus P&P).

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