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The new Key Stage 3 curriculum, along with all its grammatical rigour, is in full swing. We’ve been busy rearranging our libraries according to the new curriculum areas, so take a look at some of our popular – and newly organised! – offerings.

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Teaching ideas for KS3 Spelling, grammar and punctuation


Our resources for ‘Skills’ and ‘Non-fiction and media’ now have new homes in: Reading, Writing, Grammar and vocabulary – and we’ve also kept our special page just for SPaG.

One of our most popular downloads this year is the Sentence types learning mat, one of several new learning mats that are ideal for your KS3 students’ reference. You’ll find more in KS3 Grammar and vocabulary.

Another very popular all-in-one is the Spelling and punctuation game which would work well for literacy intervention in one-to-ones, as a starter or filler for a Friday afternoon.

20 teaching ideas for SPaG has the most loves from teachers of all resources in the ’20 teaching ideas for…’ series  – and for good reason. If SPaG is to be truly embedded for your learners, then some of these top tricks will help you reinforce literacy progress.
  Punctuation perfection is possible!  
If anyone is to be trusted to get the P in SPaG right, then it’s our KS2 colleagues!

Teachit Primary’s most popular pack, Punctuation KS2, is crammed full of teaching ideas and resources to help you deliver tricky aspects of the SPaG curriculum in fun and engaging ways.

The teaching packs are free to Teachit Primary subscribers and available to free members for just £5.

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  Literacy books
If you’re looking to raise literacy levels in your school then this series of popular and relevant literacy books will help you do just that. Produced by Babcock LPD alongside one of our most experienced contributors, Richard Durant, the texts provide strategies and techniques for improving students’ reading and writing skills.

Each publication starts from £13.49 for Teachit subscribers and key contributors, and £14.99 for free members and non-members. A multi-book discount is also available.

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