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With so much emphasis on academic rigour at KS3 and new exam content for KS4, speaking and listening activities may seem like a long lost memory. Nevertheless they haven’t entirely disappeared, so this month I’ve selected a few of our best speaking and listening resources.

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Teaching ideas for speaking and listening


Our Word games resource is one we think you’ll love for a bit of light relief on a dark winter’s day. It features six lovely brain teasers for your budding wordsmiths and may prove handy as the end of term draws near!

One of my favourite class activities is student-led learning through a Socratic discussion; perfect if you’re engrossed in a class reader. Our Socratic discussion resource was designed for a year 8 class, but could be easily adapted for any novel or play text, and differentiated using Bloom’s style questions.

If there’s a Teachit resource that will really get your KS3 students talking, then Dragon quest – lateral thinking discussion tasks is it. One of our most loved resources includes a series of challenges to overcome the rule of an evil tyrant and includes puzzles, riddles and word games.

New to the site and great for KS3 or KS4, Make a better speech is brilliant for self-assessment and covers most of the criteria in the spoken language element of the new GCSE.

Since it’s the season of giving, we’re offering our Anagram interactive free to all until the end of term.

You can differentiate for time allowed and word length, and have half your class play against the other half if you’ve only got half a box of chocolates left!

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  Christmas themed resources  
Our set of five Christmas resources offer more purpose than a word search or a DVD, and include a range of writing tasks for your KS3 students. Describing Christmas memories, reviewing a Christmas dinner and (Bah! Humbug!) persuading against Christmas consumerism – all feature.

The resource set is free for Teachit subscribers and key contributors and just £5 for free members.

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