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Teaching ideas to grow writing skills and cut planning time

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With so much change in the curriculum this year, you’re doing brilliantly if you’re still finding room for creative approaches and ideas, even at Key Stage 3. Since thinking and planning time are at a premium, we’ve chosen a few ‘cheat’ resources to help you out.

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Key Stage 3 writing resources


Our Bloom’s Taxonomy resource will help you differentiate the level of written response you get from your students. The sentence (question) starters will help your students improve the quality of their writing, just from the questions you set. If you’d like to raise the standard of your students’ formal vocabulary, then you could give them the key vocabulary as a word bank.

Talking of words, Adjectives relating to sound is a resource which helps students develop their vocabulary. It’s a useful list of advanced vocabulary for students responding to a text, ideal for a creative writing task and could be easily adapted for sight, taste, smell or touch.

Another versatile resource is Whose bag is it? – perfect for fleshing out the details of characters from a text, or making up new ones.

To target specific writing skills, Strategies for tackling writing weaknesses is a popular teacher-facing resource full of practical tips to address common weaknesses.

  Essay writing teaching pack  
Our latest teaching pack is a ‘toolkit’ of activities, student exemplar essays and exclusive teaching resources. It’s suitable for your fledgling KS3 or emerging KS4 essay writers, who would benefit from support in all aspects of the essay writing process from mind-mapping ideas to writing conclusions.

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Our cover lessons pack includes everything you need to ensure your classes are still on track when your subject specialists are out on the slopes or under the blanket. It includes references to the current English curriculum for KS3.

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