Ideas and support for grammar
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Recently, you may have spared a thought for your next batch of year 7s: the first to sit the new style SATs.

We’ve selected a few resources that will help to build students’ confidence and understanding of grammar.

Teachit English Editor

Teaching ideas for grammar

20 teaching ideas for grammar is a great go-to resource to practise any grammatical point. You could use the ‘Grammar goals’ activity as a peer-assessment task for a written piece or ‘Adverb charades’ to develop vocabulary choices and precision.

Our learning mats from the KS3 Grammar and vocabulary area of the site are another useful tool. The Sentence skills mat is a particularly useful reference guide for sentence construction.

If the recent debate about coordinators and subordinators sparked your interest, then this list of Common subordinators is handy for supporting writing, and the popular resource Which conjunction is it anyway? will help mix up simple sentences and reinforce accuracy.
Challenging grammar teaching pack

Our latest teaching pack, Challenging grammar, covers nine topics which are particularly relevant to formal writing and analysis of complex texts at KS3 and beyond. The pack features definitions and explanations for teachers, PowerPoints and creative teaching resources, as well as sample SATs questions for the proposed year 7 resits.

‘It is so useful to understand what our upcoming Year 7s will have been taught and great to help with intervention at KS3’
(Alison Hall)

The pack is free to subscribers or available to free members for £20.

Psst … next off the press is our teaching pack for Animal Farm, coming soon!

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Contributor profiles


The most recent addition to Teachit English is our contributor profiles, so you can see who has written each resource and find more resources by that contributor.

If you write resources for us and haven’t updated your profile yet, just click on My Account when logged in. Feel free to use a pseudonym and avatar if you’d rather go undercover!

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