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Thursday 15th December 2016

Most downloaded: 2016

If you're planning to ... well, plan over the Christmas break, our most downloaded resources of 2016 might just help,  giving you the time to watch one more film, or even a whole box set. 

Whatever you choose to do, have a wonderful break and see you on the other side!
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Lindy Leslie

Teachit English editor

Latest resources

Writing to argue and persuade

A beautifully illustrated resource that gives students examples of this type of writing and how to identify it.

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Spelling and punctuation game

A fun board game for students to practise their spelling, punctuation and grammar skills, with a few creative opportunities along the way.

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E-x-p-a-n-d your vocabulary!

Students practise using synonyms and antonyms in their own writing.

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Reading comprehension

An extract from Oliver Twist with comprehension questions.

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Most downloaded teaching packs

Our most downloaded teaching packs this year are:

Reading non-fiction texts

A Christmas Carol

An Inspector Calls

Q&A with our contributor of the month

All the resources on Teachit English have been contributed by teachers just like you. We wanted to find out more about the people that generously share their resources and this month the spotlight is on Mathew, a secondary English teacher.

Mathew Lynch

English Teacher


1. What prompted you to contribute to Teachit English?

The development and sharing of high-quality resources by the team for an ever-changing curriculum is an essential part of our ongoing professional development, and this prompted me to share these resources with Teachit. We’re all so pressed for time and there is little point in re-inventing the wheel, in my opinion. ‘Save it, tweak it, Teachit or bin it as you see fit’ has become my motto!

2. What prompted you to contribute to Teachit English?

I enjoy access to a wealth of resources without having to pay for membership and the fabulous resource packs which have been produced by fellow contributors are available free of charge, which is both incredibly generous of Teachit and an amazing financial saving to the Faculty in which I now work.

3. Which resource on the site is your favourite (apart from your own!)?

‘GCSE English Language – Non-fiction resource pack.’ Why? Ten engaging non-fiction excerpts, linked thematically, with 20 lessons and over 40 resources with exam-style questions spanning the home-board GCSEs so it’s suitable for all. Huge thanks to the contributor responsible for the production of this resource pack on a job very well done!

4. How do you spend your royalties?

Royalty payments coincide with the end of the summer and autumn terms so I tend to treat myself to some new summer clobber or on Christmas presents to myself and my two cats!

5. If you were stranded on a desert island, what would your luxury item be?

My dad. He died a couple of years ago and I no longer have the luxury of having him around.

6. Favourite ...

... book?


Mama Day
by Gloria Naylor

... holiday destination?



... film?


Tea with Mussolini

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