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Starting the new year with a Shakespeare play? Read on.

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'To do a great right, do a little wrong.'
William Shakespeare

As a resolution for the new year, forgiving yourself for wrongs may help ease the demands of your workload, allowing you to try new things for yourself and with your students.

Many of you will be teaching a Shakespeare play at the start of 2017. Lighten your planning burden with our many Shakespeare resources and teaching packs – and start your year with a great right!

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Resources for teaching Shakespeare

A lovely introductory resource for teaching any play, ‘Sneaky Shakespeare’ allows your students to put themselves in Shakespeare’s shoes, reading simplified plot lines and scripting part of the action.

‘Family feuds’ is a great resource to start teaching Romeo and Juliet. The resource includes group discussion cards which relate the play’s theme to the lives of your students.

‘Close analysis of a key quotation’ will help your A level Othello students look in detail at one of the key moments of the play. Flip the learning and get your class to repeat the process with a different quotation.

Unseen poetry teaching pack


Look out for our newest pack - to be published on 17th January. Designed for the GCSE English Literature specifications for AQA, Edexcel, WJEC Eduqas and OCR, this teaching pack, containing poems, comparison resources and detailed teaching notes, has everything you need to prepare your students for the unseen element of the GCSE.

Shakespeare teaching packs


Hugely popular, our teaching packs for Shakespeare’s plays are each a comprehensive set of resources and teaching ideas.

Our Macbeth teaching pack includes 25 lessons, GCSE exam style questions and a range of teaching activities for any exam board. We also have teaching packs for The Tempest and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, both designed for key stage 3 and guiding you and your students through the plays’ central themes, scenes and characters with a huge range of teaching ideas and resources.

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