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It will come as no surprise that GCSE assessment resources are our most downloaded resources at the moment. The exam season is not far away, and we’ve been publishing as many exam focused resources as possible to help you through this uncharted territory. Here’s our pick of resources to help you and your students with the new GCSE exams.

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Resources for GCSE

One of the hot topics in the English language exam is exploring structure, and fittingly Exploring structure in a fiction extract is proving to be popular. If you haven’t found it yet, it’s a treat (if only because it will take you back to Maycomb!).

We have more and more exam style resources on the site, and Practice exam question is one that specifically looks at the demands of analysing two non-fiction texts. This one is designed for AQA, but you’ll find exam style resources for the other exam boards on the site too.

Written by Trevor Millum, Tackling unseen poems includes a letter to you and a letter to your students, reassuring you that you’re probably already taking much of his advice on board – and if not, it’s not too late! Trevor has written other resources in our ‘Unseen poetry’ collection as well as our Unseen poetry teaching pack, so if you’re convinced by his words, why not try out some of his other resources?

Reading more non-fiction texts teaching pack – out now


If you’re looking for something more substantial for teaching reading non-fiction, then our newest teaching pack Reading more non-fiction texts is full of engaging and meaningful activities on some carefully chosen extracts from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

The teaching pack includes a letter by Kurt Vonnegut, extracts from Twelve Years a Slave, Orwell’s A Road to Wigan Pier and travel writing by Charles Dickens, and is free to subscribers or key contributors (£15 for non-members and free members).

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Poetic terms posters


With so much emphasis on poetry in the English literature GCSE, our set of posters packed with poetic terms will equip your students with the vocabulary they need.

There are ten posters in the set, featuring poetry from the 18th century to the present day. The full set costs £19.99 for subscribers and key contributors, or £24.99 for non-members and free members.

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