Top resources for revising Shakespeare’s plays

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  If teaching and revising a Shakespeare play is at the top of your GCSE to-do list, fear no more! We’ve chosen some great resources and revision tricks for Shakespeare’s plays below.

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Getting to grips with the bard

When you’re close to the exam, you may well be thinking about quotations! Key quotes from the play is perfect for Macbeth. Get groups presenting each theme: what is the context and how is the theme developed? Or simply pop them in a revision guide.

If your chosen play is a tragedy (probably!) then The steps to death could be used as a template to plot the downfall of characters – it’s made for Romeo and Juliet but could be easily adapted for other plays.

To revise common dramatic terminology, Dramatic techniques: teach me, tell me is a differentiated resource and can be used with any play. Recap the effects and reasons for each technique or how each technique is used in your chosen play.

Macbeth teaching pack


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Specifically designed for the 2017 exams, our Macbeth teaching pack is packed with questions in the style of every exam board. It includes nearly 200 pages of new ideas and tasks, many of which are perfect for revision.

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