Most downloaded resource for 2016-17. The summer holidays are nearly here so it seems like a good time to look back over the last year and see our most downloaded resources.
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Thursday 22nd June 2017

Most downloaded resources

The summer holidays are nearly here so it seems like a good time to look back over the last year and see our most downloaded resources.

You won't be surprised to see something SPaG related in there!
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Lindy Leslie

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Most downloaded resources

Writing to argue and persuade techniques

A beautifully illustrated resource that offers students examples of this type of writing and how to identify them.

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Reading comprehension

Students are given an extract from 'Oliver Twist' with some comprehension questions.

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Understanding a 19th century text

Suitable as a way into challenging 19th century non-fiction, this resource features an extract from an autobiography with accompanying comprehension questions.

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Spelling and punctuation game

A fun board game for students to practise their spelling, punctuation and grammar skills, with creative opportunities along the way.

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Fix it writing

Structured support to improve students' writing

Fix it writing provides English teachers, non-specialist teachers and teaching assistants with a step-by-step guide to identifying and ‘fixing’ problems in students’ writing.

£20 for a teacher handbook and £15 for the accompanying student workbook.

Britannica® Digital Learning

Britannica® Digital Learning are the world’s leading online learning resource. Our passion is improving education across the globe by bringing easily accessible, digital resources to classrooms all over the world.

Britannica School provides content that is created to encourage productive research, appropriate to all students’ learning levels, through all Key Stages.

With a built in translation and text-to-speech tool it is ideal for learners for whom English is a second language. Whether it’s building fundamental educational skills or supporting student growth, our articles, photos, videos, diagrams and maps all help to ensure that learners get the best support that they can.

Britannica Imagequest™ has over 3 million rights-cleared images for educational use. Using images from over 50 of the world’s most respected image banks such as British Library, Getty Images, National Geographic and Bridgeman Images, students can search safely for images that are assured to be age and topic appropriate.

Visit our site or speak to one of our team to find out more.

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