Discover the most popular English teaching resources, as chosen by you

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  Sharing great resources is our passion, and when you tell us they‘re your favourites too, it’s even more rewarding. Here are the most loved resources on Teachit English, as voted by thousands of you!

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The most popular resources

The enduring appeal of the Connectives writing placemat is no surprise, given how many writing tasks it could be used for. While calling them ‘connectives’  has fallen out of favour, judging from your ‘loves’ and the many ways you use this resource – spotting them in texts or choosing the most appropriate for sentences or text types – the words definitely have not!

The quest for a cure – thinking skills and activities is for those of you looking for ways to link creative and critical thinking and, according to your reviews,  give your students an ‘engaging’, ‘imaginative’ and ‘challenging’ writing experience. It’s perfect light relief for the summer term – and even has a SPaG focused companion resource for 2017, More quest for a cure.

‘Superb’ and ‘invaluable’, Writing to argue and persuade: techniques is one of a number of popular poster style resources by our talented contributor, Hannah. For anthology poems, storyboards and more support for non-fiction texts – all in her distinctive eye-pleasing style – check out Hannah’s other resources.

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Fix it writing

Fix it writing supports English teachers, non-specialist teachers and teaching assistants in identifying and ‘fixing’ problems in students’ writing at key stage 3 – it’s ideal for targeted support and intervention.

The teacher handbook includes 26 guided session plans and resources, while the student workbook comprises accompanying activities and resources. Both are available as photocopiable downloads.

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