Sweeten the SPaG teaching in your lessons with our popular resources

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  Love it or loathe it, there’s a big emphasis on SPaG in the curriculum, so we’ve collected some of our most popular and newest resources to support your students.

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Resources for teaching SPaG

New for 2018, Strategies for understanding new words includes a handy checklist to help students use their grammatical knowledge to work out the meaning of unfamiliar words. It’s perfect for any unseen text!

If GCSE enthusiasm is waning, our Spelling and punctuation game will refresh exam-scrambled minds. Adapt the writing task for your exam board to plan quick-fire stories, speeches or articles or ramp up the figurative language to include antithesis, analepsis or verisimilitude. Supercharge your students’ analytical vocabulary further with Language effects in an unseen fiction text.

Build a sentence fortune teller helps students create silly or sensible sentences. It’s a fun way to get stories started and revise some core grammatical terms at the same time. For more sentence variety, also try Varying sentence structures.

Fix it writing

Poetic terms posters
For writing intervention at key stage 3, Fix it writing is all you need. It comprises two photocopiable downloads – a teacher handbook featuring detailed session plans and resources, and a student workbook. Fix it writing is perfect for English teachers, non-specialist teachers and teaching assistants.

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Challenging grammar teaching pack
Poetic terms posters
‘clear definitions’ ‘creative activities included’

This teaching pack includes lesson ideas, teaching resources and a set of PowerPoint presentations covering some of the more challenging grammatical requirements in key stage 3. It is organised in the following topics: relative clauses, modal verbs and adverbs, adverbials, perfect forms of verbs, parenthesis, commas, passive verbs, subjunctive verb forms, and colons and semi-colons.

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