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  In celebration of the anniversary of the Bard’s birthday (and death), we’ve selected some of our favourite resources for teaching Shakespeare. This includes a resource written for us by Ben Crystal – hot off the press!

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Resources for teaching Shakespeare

Introducing your students to Shakespeare – a resource written by Francis Gilbert – is a great starting point for any first experience and a reminder of why Shakespeare’s works live on.

Finger puppets, tweets or audio aids? If your GCSE classes are looking for new ways to make Shakespearean quotations stick, our recently published resource Fun ways to memorise Shakespearean quotations includes some top tips.

Many of you will be helping students revise Macbeth, and the resource Key quotes from the play may prove a useful starting point for collating quotations.

Expert approach: Mapping the heart of Shakespeare

Mapping the heart of Shakespeare
Written especially for us by internationally renowned actor, writer and Shakespeare aficionado Ben Crystal, our new resource Mapping the heart of Shakespeare includes a novel approach to teaching Shakespeare’s stage directions (straight from the quill!). Ben shares his passion for Shakespeare’s words and advice on how to make these come alive for your students.

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Shakespeare teaching packs

Shakespeare packs
‘I have taught Macbeth many times before but this has loads of new ideas in it.’ (Joanne Duncan)

Our popular teaching packs for Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet are packed with teaching ideas, resources and exam style practice questions – perfect for the run-up to the GCSEs. These are free to subscribers or £15 for free members.

We also have teaching packs for The Tempest and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Both are designed for key stage 3 and will guide you and your students through the plays’ central themes, scenes and characters with a huge range of teaching ideas and resources.

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