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  ‘Differentiation is essentially good teaching’
We’re excited to share with you some of the latest advice on differentiation from experienced teacher, writer and presenter, Sue Cowley. Sue has written a blog post and two resources where she reminds us that differentiation doesn’t always mean a growing to-do list!

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Resources for differentiation

Sue has written a blog post for us on differentiation, where she gives the classroom and ethical context, and suggests ways in which you will already be putting many strategies in place. Read more of her expert advice here and in her resource Getting to know your learners.

With learners whose first language isn’t English in your class, your priority is to help them feel comfortable. Sue’s resource Supporting learners with EAL includes pointers for helping these students settle in and feel confident learning in your lessons.

We’ve got a number of resources differentiated by task on Teachit English. Avoiding nice includes a word bank and supporting questions in the differentiated version. Writing peer assessment includes further support for unpicking students’ writing skills, which could be handy in the run-up to GCSE writing tasks.


Mapping the heart of Shakespeare
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