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  There’s so much emphasis on sharp memory skills in the current GCSE and A-levels, we’ve chosen a selection of resources to get your classes’ skills up to speed.

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Resources for memory recall

Last month we published 20 ideas for making it stick. It includes games and quizzes to help students understand and remember quotations and keywords by bobbing up, telling random stories and even scoring in a penalty shoot-out!

A great go-to plenary resource packed with ideas for self-assessment and reflection, the Assessment for learning ideas pack includes sentence starts for written reflection statements, prompt cards for discussion, a postcard to send home and exit cards.

If you’re teaching a play – Shakespearean or otherwise – Fun ways to memorise Shakespearean quotations includes 13 ideas to support students’ familiarity with key quotations. Many of these would also work well for a prose text or poem.

We also have a set of learning mats which are a perfect aide-memoire, especially while exercise books aren’t too dog-eared!

Fix it writing

Fix it writing provides English teachers, non-specialists and teaching assistants with a step-by-step guide to identifying and ‘fixing’ problems in students’ writing.

Comprising two photocopiable downloads – a teacher handbook featuring detailed session plans and resources and a student workbook – Fix it writing is perfect for targeted support and intervention sessions at KS3.

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Write for us

Romeo and Juliet teaching pack
If you’ve made shiny new resources which have worked well so far this school year, we’d love to see them. If we publish your resource, you will receive a free subscription to the site, royalties, and the chance to be part of our team! We are particularly looking for resources on:
  • KS3 creative resources
  • GCSE Language practice exam questions
  • KS5 Language
  • KS5 Language and Literature
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