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  Before my son’s recent parents’ evening, I asked him if there was anything he’d like me to say to his teacher. His reply was the biggest compliment I think a teacher can get: ‘Yes. Please tell her she tells the best stories.’

Read on to share our love of good stories with your students ahead of National Storytelling Week at the end of the month.

Teachit English Editor


Resources for Storytelling Week

We have a number of resources which include story starts to inspire students to get started. Attention grabbing story starters is one of these.

Packed with imaginative and creative challenges, our super popular resource A quest for a cure – thinking skills and activities has been described as perfect for ‘both girls and boys’ and even ‘reluctant writers’. There’s something for everyone!

Starting with The Hobbit, Narrative writing – build your own adventure story is a structured guide walking students through writing their own adventure story, with words, images, maps and monster ideas along the way.

If your students need practice writing with a picture prompt, try the very popular Creative writing picture prompts and Creative writing with pictures.

Unseen fiction

Unseen fiction
For your GCSE classes, our packs for reading unseen fiction text extracts introduce supportive activities to develop confidence and analysis skills. Unseen fiction features, among others, extracts from The War of the Worlds and A Thousand Splendid Suns, and activities for developing skills and confidence in looking at extracts for the first time. Revise unseen fiction is an exam-focused workbook designed to consolidate exam skills in the run-up to the English Language exam.

Each pack is free to subscribers or £15 for free members and non-members.

Download Unseen fiction

Download Revise unseen fiction

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