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  To celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday, we’ve selected some great resources for revising his plays as the exams approach. Good luck to you and your students!

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Resources for revising Shakespeare

In the exam, your students will be looking to add something original to their interpretation. Our resource written by Ben Crystal, Mapping the heart of Shakespeare, is a teacher-facing tutorial on how Shakespeare embedded stage directions in his writing, and invites students to have a deeper appreciation of his language.

We have a number of revision activities for all the GCSE plays, including a handy overview of Key words and scenes and a Revision workbook for Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet mastermind and detailed workbooks for The Merchant of Venice. If your students are revising Othello, one of our most recently published resources is a court case drama activity based on Act 1, Courtroom case at the end of Act 1.

Shakespeare around the web

For potted plot summaries, revising characters and themes, BBC Teach have published a series of short clips on their YouTube channel. Each clip sets some of each play’s key quotations to original music, and is designed for a teenage audience. A great place to start is Macbeth: Plot or Romeo and Juliet: Plot – although there are many more.

The RSC also has a great selection of revision clips from the stage in their Learning Zone, where all the major GCSE plays are covered. Macbeth key scenes and Romeo and Juliet key scenes are among the many.

Shakespeare teaching packs

Poetic terms
‘very useful for consolidating learning and preparing students for practice exam work’ (Anne Lamont)

Our teaching packs for Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet include exam-style questions for all relevant exam boards, as well as revision activities such as character Top Trumps and a plot timeline. These popular teaching packs are free to subscribers and key contributors, and £15 for free members and non-members.

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