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Teachit has always been about supporting teachers and sharing resources. Founded by English teacher Siobhain Archer in 1999, it started as a tray in the corner of the staffroom. Now, it’s a thriving community of over 480,000 teachers sharing resources and finding inspiration.

In 2011, Teachit became part of educational charity AQA. During qualification reform and beyond, Teachit provided support with teaching and learning materials.

Teachit moved to new owners, Sandbox & Co. in 2020. Sandbox & Co. provides digital education products and services. They currently reach 60 million children, parents and teachers every month, in the UK and US, providing engaging and informative content and games.

We remain editorially independent and committed to publishing high-quality resources.

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What makes us unique

All Teachit resources are created, edited and checked by teachers – so you know you can trust them. 

Our commitment to quality is what makes us unique. In order to be published, each resource goes through the Teachit process ...


Teachers share their resources with us
Each resource is reviewed by our editorial team, who are all experienced teachers
Once selected, the resource is edited: activities may be differentiated, teaching notes added and quotes, facts and copyright verified
The resource goes to our design team, who ensure it is presented in the most student-friendly and engaging way
The resource is returned to the editing team for a final check
The resource is published
The resource is enjoyed by students and teachers in classrooms across the world

"Teachit is like having an ever- present, experienced, and amazing colleague on hand at all times. You can turn to it for inspiration, to save time, and in times of sheer panic- and it always delivers."

Sarah Ashton,
English teacher

"I keep coming back to Teachit because I know I'll find reliable, creative and well documented resources which will save me time and inspire me."

Debbie Rattier,
English teacher 

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Meet the team

Unsurprisingly, my favourite teacher was my geography teacher! He instilled a love of the subject through his engaging, creative lessons and his diverse knowledge and interest in the subject.

Jane Ballard

Geography teacher and Editor

I can't pick from my MFL teachers! They were all incredibly engaging and really made me believe in myself. My enthusiasm for languages is undoubtedly down to them.

Jo Barwell

Primary teacher and Senior Editor

My favourite teacher was my RE teacher, Mrs Hinder. She was the most fun and sarcastic teacher in the school and always made her lessons incredibly engaging and inclusive (and she helped me get an A*!).

Lucy Castle

Teaching Assistant and Advertising Account Executive

I had a wonderful, feisty, slightly terrifying French teacher. Initially, our class dreaded her lessons in which all were expected to speak when called upon. With time her warmth and humour came through and we grew to love her directness. She got great results!

Harriet Clarke

History teacher and Editor

It is impossible to choose my favourite teacher. What my many inspiring teachers had in common was an ability to push us to improve and a great sense of humour!

Camilla Clarkson

Maths teacher and Editor

One day my favourite English teacher (I can't remember her name!) asked me to read out a story I'd written to the class – It was, and still is, one of my proudest moments.

Lucy Hewitt

English teacher and Publishing Manager

Mrs Webb was an inspirational and passionate history teacher who never stopped believing in me, even when I failed my A Levels! She taught me that hard work, determination and self-belief will always pay off in the end.

Victoria Humphries

Primary teacher and Head of Teachit

My favourite teacher was Mrs N, my lovely reception teacher. She was always so kind, patient and filled every day with fun!

Lynne Kent

Primary teacher and Editor

My favourite teacher was Mr M my A level Biology teacher. He really knew his subject and had a real interest in natural history which was inspiring.

Sarah Kniveton

Science teacher and Editor

Mrs Shall and Tony Scola were wonderful English teachers, who inspired a lifelong love of the subject. They shared books with me and believed in me, and I'll always be hugely grateful to them.

Kate Lee

English teacher and Senior Editor

My favourite teacher was Mr Kerslake - a history teacher who instilled in me a love of reading and encouraged curiosity!

Lindy Leslie

English teacher and Cross-Site Editor

When I first started secondary school I didn’t enjoy languages at all, but thanks to a couple of very energetic and engaging teachers I ended up loving them!

Sheena Newland

MFL teacher and Languages Editor

My favourite teachers: Mrs Phillips – the most fun and creative year of primary school; and Miss Love – I behaved very badly in her maths lessons but really liked her!

George Rodd

Primary teacher and Editor

My very special teacher was Mrs Gibbs. Her art room door was always open for hilarious tales of her Spanish holidays and a giggle at Giuseppe Arcimboldo's fruit portraits. Passionate, loving and sincere - a legend!

Helen Stacey

English teacher and Lead English Editor

Mrs Wiseman, my drama teacher, was the best! Her passion for the job and the way she taught was contagious! If there was an Award for the Best Teacher, I’m sure she would have got it! She was a true inspiration!

Liza Austin

Business Development Manager

My favourite teacher kept me inspired about art, and laughed every day.

Samantha Bailey

Editorial Design Assistant

The lovely Miss Monro was a bit unconventional and made English lessons fun. One memorable year, she encouraged us to write a summer panto and dreamt up the title 'Ali Baba and the murky tea leaves'.

Ann Bazley

Subscriptions Administrator Manager

Mrs Harvie, my maths teacher, was my favourite! She really believed in me and as Maths was not a particular strength of mine, she had endless patience too!

Maddie Butt

Advertising Account Manager

My favourite teacher was Mr Mac. He was one of the first teachers to see potential in me and encouraged me to believe in myself and aim higher. He also wore some very cool ties!

Jonny Davis

Website Administrator

My favourite teacher has to be my A-Level law tutor, his laid back nature and ability to explain subjects in such an easy and interesting way, left me with a lifelong interest in law.

Kelly Frost

Advertising Account Manager

My favourite was Mr Anderson, my German teacher, who inspired the everyone, me included to do their best. He was hugely supportive to indviduals and did so much non-curricular work that benefited the whole school.

Gary Grant

Project Delivery Manager

My favourite teachers were Mr Body and Mrs Toddman who taught music. They were so inspirational and spent countless hours helping me realise my creative potential.

Marysia Hawkins

Digital Project Coordinator

My favourite teacher was Brian, he was my lecturer at uni and was always there to help with not just uni but also life's little problems.

Jordan McLeod

Middleweight Website Developer

My favourite teachers were my English teacher, Mrs.Clarke and my art teacher Miss.Hawkins. They both nurtured my love of the arts and showed me how to look beneath the surface, which I am very grateful for.

Isabel Mitchelson

Editorial Design Assistant

My most memorable teacher was my GCSE French teacher, Madame Helmore, who was a very small lady with a very big personality. She taught with fury and sarcasm but her unique ways of helping us to remember vocab still stick with me even now.

Megan Pitman

Customer Support Administrator

Mr Shirley, my french teacher, made learning fun. On Friday afternoons we played french Mastermind and - oh, the glory of getting dix out of dix!

Becky Rogers

Customer Experience Manager

A teacher that stands out for me is my grumpy but very witty secondary school art teacher, Mr Elgey. His art room was full of weird and wonderful items collected over the years and I always looked forward to his classes.

Donna Symonds

Marketing Manager

Mr Wackett taught Theatre Studies and was my most memorable, entertaining and encouraging teacher. He was a great enabler; providing us with the resources and opportunities, then watching us fly!

Imogen Woodford

Customer Support Administrator

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