by Teachit
28th June 2018

Our latest blog post, which focuses on dyslexia, has been written for us by Dr Gavin Reid. Dr Reid is an award-winning author who has written numerous books on dyslexia. You can find the accompanying resource here.  Dyslexia definition  ‘Dyslexia...

by Teachit
29th May 2018

Written by Mike Gershon, this blog post explores growth mindset and how we can help to foster it in our students.  Why do some students feel they will never get any better at a subject? Why do some learners believe effort has no value and that no matter...

Practical tips and teaching strategies for effective differentiation

by Sue Cowley
30th April 2018

In our latest blog post, Sue Cowley writes about the effective use of differentiation, with practical tips and teaching strategies.  When you consider the range of experiences, knowledge and skills that the students in your classes have, it seems obvious...

by Teachit
29th March 2017

With so many unseen texts in the new GCSE and an emphasis on challenging texts from KS3 upwards, it’s becoming all the more important for students to unlock the meaning of unfamiliar words on their own. To prepare students for this daunting experience,...

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