by Teachit
17th December 2013

The following activities focus on a humorous, obviously biased article. It is perfect for language analysis at KS4 or with a media focus exploring the differences between online and print content.


Click to read the Independent article

Teaching ideas

  • Read this rather tongue-in-cheek article and get students to identify the techniques the author has used. Highlight the colloquial language (including the headline and by-line) and decide what perspective the author has taken of the Princess's problem - is he sympathetic? 
  • This 'article' is published online in the 'comments' section on the Independent's website. The layout and language suggest that it is online only content. Give students a research project to explore the differences between print newspapers and online newspaper sites. How does the content differ and how can they tell the difference? What are the advantages and disadvantages to each platform? 

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