by Teachit
4th July 2014

Analyse two articles - one from the Daily Mail and one from the Independent - on the same subject, focusing on language. 


Teaching ideas

  • Depending on your school's context and your students' backgrounds, discuss their thoughts on immigration generally. Do they have any experience of it? (Maybe even in a positive way.)
  • Read the Independent article first. What is the main gist of the article and how do they feel about the immigrants that have been written about? Next, read the Daily Mail article and answer the same questions. 
  • Taking each article in turn, underline the key words and phrases that help to convey the writers’ attitudes. What do they think the aim of each article is? Have their views on immigration changed as a result of reading the two articles? Can they see how newspapers might be politically motivated? 
  • Alternatively, students could research a specific area of immigration to present to the rest of the class. You could provide them with prompt questions like: What is an immigrant? Why do people become immigrants? How are immigrants treated in different countries?

    After students have completed their research you could re-visit the articles and see if any opinions have changed.  

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