by Teachit
12th September 2014


These ‘creepiest abandoned places from around the globe’ are perfect for kick-starting discussion, triggering creative writing or getting students to think about how a carefully chosen setting can impact powerfully on a narrative.

  • A good starter would be to ask students to think about the scariest places they’ve been to/experienced and describe them to each other.
  • Show students the pictures (or get them to discuss them in groups). Ask them to choose the scariest and discuss. Can they think of any books/films which share similar settings and if so, what genre are they?
  • Ask students to create a piece of imaginative work based on their chosen image. This could take any form: a poem, a piece of descriptive writing, a journal entry, a piece of non-fiction, the lyrics for a song. It doesn’t even, necessarily, have to be a written response but could be visual or hand drawn.  
  • Get students to describe the scene of their chosen place as if they are there in the room or outside/near to the building or scene. Ask them to incorporate other senses apart from sight in order to create a really rich piece of description. What, for example, does the Willard Asylum smell like? What sounds can be heard in the mineshafts etc.? They could then use this writing as a starting point for an extended piece of work.

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