by Teachit
27th March 2014

Extend students' understanding of the English Language with this fascinating insight into the process of phonological change.


Teaching ideas

  • As a pre-reading activity, ask students for their own mispronunciations and malapropisms, and share a few of your own, or common ones (specific, ocean / 'Could you be a bit more pacific?' etc.).
  • Read the introductory paragraphs together, and then ask students to work in pairs, and summarise one of the pronunciation 'errors' listed, explaining it in their own words.  They could then peer teach another pair.  This activity can be easily differentiated, as some of the errors are more linguistically challenging.
  • As an extension activity, can students think of any more examples of recent pronunciation change?  KS5 students could do further research (Uptalk or AQI, Estuary English etc.) and present their findings.    


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