by Teachit
18th July 2014

Play this video of images from the latest Travel Photographer of the Year competition to transport your students' imaginations. NB. Some of the images are graphic. 


Teaching ideas

  • Print out some of the images and display these around the classroom. Use post-its for students to add adjectives for a lesson on vocabulary, or add questions about the images to prompt creative writing.
  • Use the camel racing photographs for a discussion about the use of robots, and how local traditions have remained or changed in your local area. For a related story, see
  • The video contains some ‘graphic’ images. Discuss why an image is shocking for some, and what it would take in words. Create headlines or stories about the shocking images.
  • Get students to imagine a photograph of somewhere they will be going in the holidays. Using the five senses, set students a writing task to describe the scene.
  • Conversely, get students to choose a photograph and imagine that it is a postcard from a holiday destination. Set them a writing task to write a postcard home, or a travel writer’s blog entry for the place.

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