by Teachit
24th September 2014


This article is the first in a series to be published by the Guardian, written by young people in the run up to the UK 2015 general election.  It’s ideal for getting your students talking about how the election might impact them – especially if they might soon get a vote.

  • Before you delve into the details, get students talking about their attitude to politics and the issues that might interest them in a general election. Education, employment, housing, money...?
  • Dig in with some questions to examine the article: According to the writers, how do young people feel about politics? Why? How did Ed Miliband try to appeal to young people? What are his promises for them? Are these young writers reassured by his speech? Are you (based on their notes from the speech)?

Compare this article with the parody article also published in the Guardian.  

  • Explore how this writer has unpicked Ed Miliband’s speaking style.
  • You could ask students to present speech sketches that overtly try to appeal to teenagers, with content that is in fact quite serious and develop work on adapting talk for audience and purpose.

 Click here to read the article 

  • Use clips of the speech  and ask your students to comment on its effectiveness, then ask them to answer the question ‘What has Ed Miliband got to offer young people?’

Click here to watch the video 


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