by Teachit
24th January 2017

From 28th Jan to 4th February it’s all about telling stories. So rather than rolling your eyes when your students tell you that their homework was eaten by their sibling, or that the school bus broke down, instead congratulate them on their vivid imagination... read more

by Teachit
11th January 2016

Our recent e-newsletter by Stuart Scott on ‘talk in the classroom’ has got us thinking about how you could harness the talk in your classroom, to improve students’ engagement. Stuart featured his Oliver Twist character card game, a role play task. He... read more

by Teachit
29th April 2015

With the up-coming election putting the spotlight on oracy skills, we've chosen some of our favourite speaking and listening resources – guaranteed to generate plenty of discussion!  For student-friendly election information and news, The Day, a current... read more

by Teachit
31st October 2014


Speaking and listening | discussion | feminism | gender | equality | video | PSHE | topical debate
Show students this short Youtube clip of an actor walking through the streets of New York and being subjected to numerous cat-calls and comments. Ask students for their initial thoughts/reactions. Then use these to prepare, in groups, for a... read more

by Teachit
6th October 2014

Use Emma Watson's recent UN speech to spark feminist discussion.  Before you watch the video get students to discuss what feminism means to them. Have they seen or read anything in the news recently related to feminism – what are their thoughts... read more

by Teachit
24th September 2014

  This article is the first in a series to be published by the Guardian, written by young people in the run up to the UK 2015 general election.  It’s ideal for getting your students talking about how the election might impact them – especially if they... read more

by Teachit
8th May 2014

Planet Earth has a twin exoplanet, known as Kepler-186f, orbiting in another solar system. Use this article from the Guardian as a jumping off point for a range of KS3 activities. Teaching ideas Speaking and Listening: After reading or summarising... read more

by Teachit
24th April 2014

Watch the video and generate discussion about what Luke Cameron is doing and the issues it might raise.    Teaching ideas Open up a broad discussion. Why do you think he’s doing this? Is it solely to be ‘kind’ or might there be other reasons?... read more

by Teachit
20th February 2014

Use this Telegraph article, arguing ‘for’ and ‘against’ a ban of children from museums, to analyse and practise persuasive writing.    Click to read the article.  Teaching ideas   After reading the article, have a general discussion... read more

by Teachit
9th January 2014

A fun (and slightly eye-watering) feature which lists the 20 most expensive cities in the world. This could be used with KS3 classes for speaking and listening activities or research tasks.    Teaching ideas.  Assign each student (or each... read more

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