by Teachit
20th May 2014

Use this BBC video about a photo project to spark discussion and explore female stereotypes. 

Teaching ideas

  • Before you watch the video, have a general discussion about how women are generally portrayed in the media today. Do they think women have the same opportunities as men? If not, why not? 

  • Watch the video then discuss their thoughts about the project. 

  • What other areas of contemporary society do they think would benefit from a similar project and what do they think could be done? Think about magazines, fashion, work, social media, music, television etc. 

  • Set them a research project.
  1. They could either provide a written response to the statement – ‘What feminism means to me’, having looked in to current feminist issues and how these have developed and changed over time.
  2. Alternatively, set them a speaking and listening presentation task with the same research areas. 

Some of the following articles/videos may help with their research:




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