by Teachit
10th December 2014


summary and synthesis | comparing texts

Please note some of the source material is explicit and may not be suitable for your students.

It’s World Human Rights Day today, and The Guardian is bringing together some of the most damning evidence from the report on CIA torture post-9/11 here.  Using this series of paragraphs from the report itself (presented as tweets), practise selecting and synthesising information with your students.

Teaching ideas:

  • Print and cut out the tweets, and ask groups of students to sort these into three groups: torture methods, problems with the programme and dishonesty by the CIA.
  • Ask students to create bullet point lists for each of these groupings, to identify the main information revealed by the report (according to this source).
  • Display the zenpencils poster which presents the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in an accessible and engaging document for your students.  Ask them to match the tweets featuring torture methods with the rights that were contravened.

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