by Teachit
10th February 2015

A letter from an 11-year-old girl recently caught the world’s attention, because it challenges DC Comics’ representation of female characters.  Use this letter to elicit strong viewpoints and lines of argument in your students’ writing (AO5).

Teaching ideas:

Ask students to create lists of topics that evoke a strong reaction from them – you might have to make some suggestions to start them off!

Students could use the letter as a model for writing their own letter to a manufacturer or company to include: a personal emotional statement of their passion for the subject, at least one anecdote, comparisons with competitors, a specific request for change, research statistics and a conclusive ending.

Present students with a number of images and profiles of superheroes and consider their motives and character traits. The latest list from Marvel and DC might be useful. Stage a debate to explore whether DC Comics are right to be redressing the balance, or whether it is a case of too little too late.

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