by Teachit
13th March 2015

AO3 Compare writers' ideas and perspectives, as well as how these are conveyed, across two or more texts.

Using two newspaper articles from The Telegraph ('Ed two kitchens Miliband under fire in bizarre row' and The Daily Mail 'Why their kitchen tells you all you need to know about the mirthless Milibands'), get students to focus on ideas and perspectives (including political bias).

You could:

1) Start by discussing political bias in newspapers. The Teachit resource 'Daily newspapers: opinion, bias and readership' does this job nicely and will help students to understand newspapers' political affiliations.

2) Give out the articles to groups of students, get them to read them both and then set to annotating, commenting and analysing everything they can find that provides clues about perspectives and how, in terms of language, these are conveyed.

3) Instead of taking a very structured approach, higher ability students could then answer the question 'Why are the articles so interested in the state of Ed Miliband's kitchen?'.

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