by Teachit
8th April 2015

#VeryRealisticYA - a Twitter hashtag that went wild last week – led teens across the world to consider how the heroes of dystopian fiction could possibly find the time to save the world, never mind finish their homework. 

Some teaching ideas:

(Link to KS3 curriculum: plan, draft, edit and proof-read – considering how writing reflects the audiences and purposes for which it was intended)

1. Jump on the bandwagon with your KS3 writers, by reading some of the plausible plot-lines on the thread, and getting them to come up with their own:

Fed up of dystopias? #VeryRealisticYA takes Twitter by storm

2. Read the examples again, but this time rank them from favourite to least favourite, thinking about whether they would actually want to read the book. Share ideas for what makes a good plot.

3. Use the Teachit resource Creative writing challenges to build on students’ initial ideas for #VeryRealisticYA, and turn them into stories with word-count limits or vocabulary restrictions – don’t forget to peer assess to check for the realism!

Psst, if you’re looking for an alternative reading list for your YAs, then #quietYA is a spin-off list of non-bestsellers, award winners or movie adaptations.

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