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London: Blake and Wordsworth

Blake's 'London' and Wordsworth's 'Upon Westminster Bridge' make an interesting comparison. There is an excellent exposition of Blake's poem on Andrew Moore's site and some useful questions in one of the existing Teachit resources:  Though the latter is aimed at A level, it's worth taking a look at if you are studying the poem with younger pupils too.

A comparison is a good way of getting more deeply into both poems and there are many nice contrasts - and very few similarities!  In this resource - London - I have put the two poems side by side with room for notes in the middle.  The second sheet is an example of some of the annotations which might be made. It uses the text-mapping approach you may have come across elsewhere in the Poetry Place and more widely too: simply using the marking devices available on a word processor (bold, italic, highlight, colour etc) to bring out different aspects of a text.  The central column gives the opportunity to explain why items have been marked and to pose questions.  A larger space can be provided underneath for developing notes and ideas further.


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