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Wednesday, 12 November 2014 16:13:34


I think the repetition of cones is justified. 


Beyond the hills of earth the and warning signs,

You glimpse the fields, look ahead in vain;

Here are dumper trucks and pipes and cranes

And cones and cones and cones in two-tone lines.


So, having made some decisions on the first eight lines (below) I need to think about the closing couplet.  (I already have, of course. It would be madness to get to this stage without some idea of where I'm heading...)


There are workers on the A1 (M)

Widening the road from to Leeming and beyond

All the old certainties are gone

The exits that you used to know – don’t look for them

Anxious though you are to get from a to b

A 50 mile limit tames us all

Punto and Porsche are made equal

For the rear of Eddie’s truck is all you see

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