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Published: 15/04/2020
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Living in lockdown KS3 writing workbook

A resource written specifically to support students working from home during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown period. It features a range of reflective and autobiographical writing tasks such as:

  • a letter to your future self
  • a diary entry based on a day during lockdown
  • an argument writing task based on the view that lockdown has many advantages
  • notes for a worry jar
  • reflective writing activities based on new activities, ambitions for the future
  • a narrative task for students to capture a particular moment during this time.
Example task

Write a letter to your future self about this strange and new way of life.

Use the questions below to help you come up with some ideas, and then make a note of what each paragraph will be about before you begin writing.

Questions to spark your ideas

  • How long have you been in lockdown so far?
  • Thinking back to when you heard that schools were closing, can you remember how you felt? Excited? Frightened? Or something else? How have your feelings changed?
  • What do you miss most? What don’t you miss at all?
  • What have been the highlights so far? What have been the most difficult aspects of lockdown?

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sujatha Thadhani
sujatha Thadhani
An excellent resource. We've been having to teach our students online for over a month and keep running out of resources... Thank you for your contribution.
Posted on 28th May 2020
Cristina Suarez
Cristina Suarez
It is excellent. Thank you very much.
Posted on 27th May 2020
Geraldine O'Brien
Geraldine O'Brien
Thank you for this excellent resource. I will use and adapt it for different age groups.
Posted on 12th May 2020
Segie Govender
Segie Govender
Great resource for students to reflect on their lockdown experience.
Posted on 12th May 2020
Edith Sauro
Edith Sauro
I found this resource absolutely useful.First my advanced teenage students did the writing activity and then we exchanged opinions.
I think talking and writing about this awful situation helps teenagers to cope with it.
Posted on 10th May 2020
Maureen Price
Maureen Price
Fabulous resource. Excellent range of activities to engage students.
Posted on 30th April 2020
tina O'Brien
tina O'Brien
Adapted this for adult learners, it's very comprehensive and flows brilliantly. It will also be a mental health supporting activity for learners at the moment.
Posted on 27th April 2020
kelly  Sandiford
kelly Sandiford
Excellent resource. Well structured and enables creative and reflective thinking. Can be adapted for a range of age groups.
Posted on 25th April 2020
Sheba Sultana
Sheba Sultana
Excellent resource and so easy to get students to relate to it. Very relevant to current situation.
Posted on 18th April 2020

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