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Published: 17/12/2019
KS3 KS4 | Writing
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Playwriting toolkit

A creative resource for writing original plays. A series of tasks build up students' playwriting skills: writing dialogue, characterisation and stage directions. Includes mini glossaries focused on useful vocabulary for understanding and writing about drama.

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At the heart of drama is conflict.  This might mean physical conflict, such as a fight or a war, but more frequently it means characters with different and conflicting objectives.  For example, two friends go to a party. One friend wants to leave the party while the other wants to stay.  That is a source of conflict.  Two athletes might both want the same prize, but one is willing to cheat for it and the other isn’t.  That is another example of a conflict. 

Task 2

  1. Look at the list of characters below and discuss with a partner what the sources of conflict could be for each pair:
  • a parent and a teenager
  • two politicians from different political parties
  • a decorator and a homeowner
  • a referee and a footballer
  • a celebrity and a fan
  • a brother and a sister.
  1. Choose one of the pairs above or another two characters who appeal to you, and write what each character’s objective is.

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Irene Eckart
Irene Eckart
Posted on 13th April 2020

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