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Published: 12/05/2020
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Living in lockdown KS4 writing workbook

Written specifically for students experiencing life in lockdown during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, this workbook includes reflective and creative writing tasks. It includes the following tasks:

  • affirmations of gratitude lists and letter, poem or diary writing activity
  • writing lockdown lyrics creative song writing activity
  • exploring new vocabulary task
  • descriptive writing tasks based on images of confinement and hope
  • making the case for a life in lockdown persuasive writing task
  • a letter to your future self
  • supercharging your CV note-taking activity.
Example task

Lockdown affirmations

It’s completely understandable if you’ve found yourself feeling low or unmotivated at some point in lockdown.

Taking time to think about and write down what you’re grateful for in your life can help you to feel positive and happier. See if you can write down three things you feel grateful for every day over the course of a week.

Reflect and write

Why did you feel grateful for those things? Did you find that you felt grateful for the same thing on more than one day?

Choose one of the following writing tasks to bring your thoughts together:

  • If you felt grateful for the impact of a particular person, have a go at writing a letter to show them your appreciation. If you need support, there’s a model letter here.
  • Alternatively, write out what you feel grateful for as a diary entry.
  • If you’re feeling more creative, you could instead turn your thoughts into a poem.

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Helen Stacey, Teachit English Editor
Helen Stacey, Teachit English Editor
Dear Mike, thank you for your feedback. It wasn't our intention to imply any bias so we've neutralised the wording which will hopefully allow for some helpful discussions with your students.
Kind regards, Helen
Posted on 12th June 2020
Mike Howard
Mike Howard
I noticed in the pack there is a reference to the governments slowness in moving into lockdown. On what basis have you included a politically loaded statement into a learning resource for young people? Is this for real?????
Posted on 12th June 2020
Carmen Dojahn-Wood
Carmen Dojahn-Wood
I really like this resource! I love how it focuses on gratitude and positivity during this worrying and frightening time.

I’ve broken it down to send to our SEND students in order not to overwhelm them with a full workbook. I haven’t given them everything in the workbook as it may be too much for them to complete in the time we have left of this school year. I am hoping parents will work through these tasks with their children, that was my request.

I gave my students a separate task of writing a gratitude letter to someone as I felt it was important for them to think about what people do for them, especially now we’re all spending more time at home, instead of giving them the option of doing this in the reflect and write section. I used the practising gratitude -gratitude letter resource for this.

Posted on 12th June 2020
Stephanie Eldridge
Stephanie Eldridge
Great! really useful as a resource to leave with my students after lesson have ended.
Posted on 12th June 2020

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