Spelling, punctuation and grammar

Spelling, punctuation and grammar might be the bread and butter of an English lesson, but if your approaches are feeling more than a little stale, our collection of tempting, targeted resources might find favour.

When time's pressing, you'll find willing worksheets, games and presentations to walk your students confidently through the basics. We've even thrown in a few Literacy across the curriculum resources too, for good measure.

SPaG all-in-one

Holistic resources and handy correction exercises to tackle two or more areas of SPaG head on.

» SPaG all-in-one


Dot all the i's with our spot-on spelling resources.

» Spelling resources 


Engaging resources to get down to the nitty gritty of grammar.

» Grammar resources


Perfect and hone your students' punctuation skills.

» Punctuation resources

Literacy across the curriculum (LAC)

Cover all the bases with our focused literacy resources.

» Literacy across the curriculum resources 


Topical treasure: Sentence construction dice

Focusing on syntax doesn't have to be all about painful parsing and complex clauses.

With four differentiated dice templates to play with, and an interactive Magnet sentence challenge game, challenge students to make a range of different sentence types, and develop their understanding of words classes with our versatile Sentence construction dice resource.

20 teaching ideas for ...

From our lovely new collection of teaching ideas and approaches, our SPaG focused resources really hit the mark.

» 20 teaching ideas for SPaG

» 20 teaching ideas for spelling

» 20 teaching ideas for grammar

» 20 teaching ideas for punctuation

And there's more! Our KS3 and KS4 Grammar and vocabulary libraries play host to lots more engaging spelling, punctuation and grammar resources ...


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